Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bye Bye SA. Again

We had a fun farewell bash on Saturday. About 30 people came and it lasted till 1am - we managed to finish most of our booze which was the plan.
My mum is up for these last 2 weeks and was VERY helpful all afternoon and evening while Benedikt and I did the all important circulating. She ran around after Nico who entertained everyone with his bike riding skills and dj'ing and whisked him off at the apporporiate time for his bath and bed time. He does love his Gaga to bits
My sister also came to stay for the weekend and was like a magic fairy. She cleaned our house from top to bottom before the party (our maid is not great. At all) and hid all the junk that had been lying around. Wow, I am going to miss having my family around. I can't believe how helpful they are!
The party getting started. Loads of cycling friends came, plus school friends, our cousins and some of Benedikt's work colleaguesWith my life long friend, Leanne, and her little boy. Going to miss her!

So Benedikt left last night for Germany. Boohoo. We will miss Daddy! But our house in Munich is not ready yet so it would be pointless for Nico and I to go over now already. We leave next week and probably only have to stay one or 2 days at Benedikt's sister's house before our newly built lovely house is ready. We CAN'T WAIT to move in and get settled. This living in limbo has been driving us crazy of late.
So this week I am getting work done, packing the air freight boxes, selling stuff, cancelling policies, sorting out the dogs and seeing friends for the last time etc etc!
Collin (my bro in law) took some of our furniture back with him at 5am the morning after our party!

So ja, now its time to leave South Africa and start our next chapter. I am really really excited. Daunted also because of the teeny language issue, but mostly excited. I think Germany is an amazing country and will be ideal for an outdoor family like ours.
So I guess my next blog entry will be in 2 weeks or so, once we have unpacked and are connected to the net. Will have to decide what to do about this blog address as it don't fit no more :)


Luli said...

Princess deep in Africa now lives in Germany! =)
Im doing Transalpine in September! Maybe we can meet =)
love from Brasil =)

Anonymous said...

Good luck...with the German winter but specially with all their crazy rules (and language, of course)!!!! Africa forever ;-)

Anonymous said...

German winter is great! Snow snow snow .. african winter?????? :-)
at least Germans know how to drive cars .. autoooobahn!

Anonymous said...

German winter? Sad and grey!!! only words to describe it. Germans know how to drive cars only in Germany, as soon they cross their borders they forget every single rule and they drive worst than the Africans